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Knight Tours & Travel - in April, "World Affairs Napa Valley" hosted an Earth Day theme with ecology-minded wine-growers in its Community forum, led by world wine expert Brian Freedman, author of "Crushed: How Climate is Altering the Way we Drink." He talked about climate impacts in wine regions around the world and was joined by Napa wine-growers Tom Gamble (Gamble Family Vineyards), Steve Matthiasson (Matthiasson Vineyards) and Bruce Barge (Chairman, Napa Valley Resource Conservation District).

Steve talked about visiting climate-conscious growers in southern Italy and experiments planting warm-climate Italian varietals in his Napa vineyard. The Gamble family has farmed the Valley floor for three generations with high-tech smart irrigation, better river protection, row crops that replenish soils and solar-panels for energy. Tom even started making wine from grapes that used to get thinned out and thrown away. (L-to-R: Tom Gamble, Steve Matthaisson, author Brian Freedman, Bruce Barge) #gamblefamily #matthissson #crushed #brianfreedman #napavalley #worldaffairs #sustainablefarming #wine #millkeeper

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