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Gems of Napa's Old Town

Updated: Apr 29

The City of Napa has always been a 'river town' where farm and tannery products were loaded onto steam-powered boats in the 1800s, when the Napa River was the only route to San Francisco. Ship captains and merchants built stately Victorian homes along the river in what is now called 'Old Town,' where grand buildings have been beautifully restored as homes and first-class inns.

The 'Heritage House,' adjacent to the Riverfront and Old Mill, was renovated in exquisite detail by Lauren Ackerman, president of Ackerman Family Wines. Visitors enjoy tours of this architectural classic, wine tastings from her Coombsville estate vineyard and special tea events by appointment. Old Town is the location of the annual "Porch Fest" which sprouted from a home-grown block party into a Memorial Day phenomenon. Locals take over the streets and resident musicians serenade passers-by from porches of their fixed-up houses. (But don't tell anyone, Porch Fest is a secret!) #porchfest #ackermanwine #oldtownnapa #napariver #paddlewheeldays

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