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Knight Tours & Travel - Gotta love this image of the regal Bengal Tiger, one of the most endangered large animal species - along with the rhino, elephant, lion, leopard and cheetah. Farmers and tigers in India do not get along and conservation groups are trying to increase tiger habitat and help locals protect farm animals from the occasional rogue cat, especially where development encroaches into tiger territory.

In Napa Valley, wild bears are not seen anymore, but Knight Tours & Travel supports local conservation efforts that have brought back river otters, salmon, steelhead, foxes and eagles. Wild boars are common in wildlands and cougar sightings more frequent near homes built in Napa's hillsides where the growing deer population attracts the large but shy cats.

In Africa, big-game hunting has mostly given way to photo-safaris. Rangers and naturalists encourage villagers living in national parks to take on wildlife protection as a source of income from sustainable tourism. Knight Tours & Travel has visited Africa's nature preserves where big game is making a comeback, especially elephants in Uganda. In South Africa's huge Kruger National Park, animal enthusiants can stay in a tree-house hotel and sip local Cape Coast wine with a perfect view of grazing antelope and the occasional lion.

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