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We are passionate about setting the stage for discovery of magical moments, personal connections with wine experts and friendly locals, top wines, hidden gems, culinary delights, recreation, wellness of body and spirit - creating lifelong memories of new destinations, both famous and undiscovered - Napa Valley & Sonoma.

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Endless Possibilities

Our mission is to delight our valued clients with peak experiences tailored to individual travel objectives and personal interests that are unique, uplifting, informative, carefree, fun and a great value. We strive to exceed expectations through detailed itinerary design that is creative, insightful and inspired, rolling-out tours with seamless timing, ideal tempo and a professional flair. From initial contact, throughout your visit, until departure as satisfied clients - and your return as friends.

KNIGHT Ad - Suzanne
Castillo di Amorosa Winery
Knight Tours and Travel

"Knight ranks 19 out of 200 popular things to do in napa and it's obvious why. With its unique approach and local knowledge, providing boutique, custom-tailored tour plans. Knight crafts each tour to the interests, needs and wine appreciation of visitors - from wine enthusiasts to first-time visitors. The business serves couples, families, business groups and special events and also works with travel agents, event planners and hotels."

- Wine Country this Week.

Knight Tours & Travel

As one who really appreciates perfection in all the details, I was awed by the planning, preparation and execution of our tour.

You most definitely have our highest recommendation and made our trip so memorable! 

Michael K, Houston TX


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